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not_fading_away's Journal

not fading away
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This is a post Angel the series game, involving characters from both Angel the series and Buffy the vampire slayer, the series. The battle rages in the alley with the dragon and the rest of the demons brought forth by Wolfram and Hart after team Angel had killed the circle of the Black Thorn members. In the battle, only Spike and Angel survive, and just barely. Illyria and Gunn are both killed in the alley and many demons, thinking that Angel and Spike are also dead, have turned their attentions on the innocent. Spike and Angel both survive because they are both beaten and tossed into the air and into neighboring buildings. Angel actually lands inside of his hotel. Meanwhile, Buffy and Faith have caught wind of the situation from abroad and though they have Council affairs to attend to, where Giles, Andrew and Xander are the chief watchers, and while Buffy still has to worry about Dawn finishing school, they both decide to help out Angel and Spike, despite the fact that Giles is adamantly against the Council or the slayers having anything to do with them because they were affiliated with Wolfram and Hart.

This is a one on one between Melly and Jeffy. We are in need of no players, although we would love for you to feel free and watch along with us! These are just our borrowed opinions based on the creations of Joss Whedon, the WB, UPN, FOX and David Greenwalt, expressed in our own way.

Layout and Banner made by: nikkiwawa79

Community maintainers: shanshu_angel and angelbuffy

Main Characters:

Angel: shanshu_angel

Buffy Summers: angelbuffy

Spike: railroad_spike

Faith Lehane: 5x5demon_killer

Apperances by:

Rupert Giles: backintweed

Xander Harris: powerless_scoob

Andrew Wells: storyteller_one

This community is all about the Bangelness, with a not so subtle smattering of Spaithness on the side. Giles, Xander and Andrew are allw atchers for the new Council who will have a say in the matters of Buffy and Faith going back to help the souled vampires and will be used from time to time for plot.