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Torment.....loss, but not death, at least not for me. Or, at least not yet.

I couldn't believe how it had gone. I had been helped by my son. That was unexpected, not really what I wanted, but good in it's own way. I didn't want Connor anywhere near Los Angeles on this night. I wanted him to be as far north as humanly possible, with his new family, because here, hell would literally be coming....well..if we were successful.

I knew that I had been. I knew that the Archduke was dead and that the forces were coming just on his front, because he had forty-thousand demons at his beck and call, and probably from the Senior Partners as well, but that was to be expected. Hamilton had been the threat here. I knew that after he had easily beaten Illyria down and had taken Drogan away.

I let Harmony go, even though, she betrayed me, of course, with a recommendation, and Hamilton faced off with me, this after throwing me out of my office and onto the lobby floor, which was after I had told him that Sebassis was already dead, which was after I had sent Nina away, and had actually killed Drogan, a friend, to infiltrate the circle of the Black Thorn.

The fight with Hamilton didn't go as I had expected and he was stronger then I anticipated him being. It was supposed to be the end, so I really didn't mind. I was caught off guard, but to put a clog in the engine of the power machinery of Wolfram and Hart, we had to do this and though I didn't anticipate living through the night, or Spike, Wes, Gunn, Lorne or Illyria, either, for that matter, it was still fighting the good fight and being the hero that I had tried to be over the past decade.

Connor came in to help. It was nice, although I feared for him. We both got thrown around heavily until Hamilton opened his mouth and said the one thing that he shouldn't have. He had mentioned that his blood was filled with their power, with the Senior Partners' power, and after drinking him, I found him to be right. I was able to kill the big bad Hamilton with a few devastatingly delivered right weapon required. I was surging with strength, but more then that, I was filled with worry.

I didn't want to see Connor go, but knew that I had to keep him out of harm's way. I knew that it was probably the last time that I would see him again, and he mentioned that, but my legacy would live through him, and I told him as much. I hoped that he understood what that meant and came to grip with his powers, and that he would use them ina safe, yet effective way. I just hoped that I would get the chance to see it happen, and I knew, unfortunately, that it was unlikely, but I had started this and one way or the other, I was going to see it thropugh. He rushed out and I watched, before getting Eve out of the building, informing her, without words, that Lindsey was dead. She didn't follow and I didn't care. She deserved to rot in the falling building.

Rushing to the Hyperion in the rain, I felt the power coursing through me, but could feel the evil in the air, and could equally hear the faint rumbles of demons coming. I was wrought with the thoughts of signing away my chance of becoming a human. I had never believed in the shanshu prophecy. I wante dto, but things didn't work that way for me. I had lost Cordy, I had lost Fred, I had lost Doyle and I had killed thousands. The only reason that it was bothering me now, was because the possibility of it being real and me signing it away, meant that Spike would get it, and right now, I realized just how petty that the thought was.

I got into the alley and was alone. I expected to be there first, but as time passed, I became concerned. Finally, Spike showed up. Finally. He had defeated the Fell and had returned the baby to it's mother. We shared talk of the others and after a few more minutes, the noise from the demons coming, increasing, along with the rain pellets, Gunn showed up.

Spike mentioned that he was supposed to be wearing his blood on the inside, and it was true. Gunn looked bad. I felt remorse for involving Gunn or Wes. This should have been Spike, myself and Illyria. We were all already dead. Gunn and Wes weren't equipped for this type of battle. They had agreed to follow me in to war, as always, but I should have known better.

Minutes later, Illyria showed up, informing us that Wesley was dead. I felt my non-beating heart sink and had to repress memories of Wesley..all of the good ones. The power in me was muted and I wanted to take back this move, but as I saw the demons coming and heard Illyria tell Gunn that he had only minutes to live after she had said that she wanted to avenge what had happened to Wesley, I knew that I was going to ruin every demon that came across my sword.

I told Spike that I was going after the dragon, and the dragon did come to me, after I had sliced through about fifty snarling demons with ease, getting nicked and cut, but not caring. The dragon soared above and tried to get Illyria, but I jumped on it's back and felt myself going airborne. I didn't lose the sword and sliced into it as it shrieked. I had lost the ability to see the fight below. I couldn't even hear my friends. I had to get back to them and kill the dragon. The dragon dropped me to the ground on top of a warehouse, still shrieking, hovering. I could see the top of the Hyperion. It was right across the street. I had a minute to look below and see that Gunn was dead, and with that, part of me died even further. Spike and Illyria fought together, though, and though I was pummedled by the dragon while slicing away at it, I felt like we had a chance if I could just get back down there.

Then it hit me, just as I sliced through it's neck, so hard with it's wing, that I went flying across the fight below and crashed into the exterior of the Hyperion and through the brick because of the force. I heard screams as I hit the building, but quickly saw and heard nothing.
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