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...is a promise.

It was amazing that I was able to get this far when it comes to Giles. I knew that he didn’t want me even a plane ride away from Angel and his crew over at Wolfram and Hart, and to be honest, a few months ago, I didn’t want to be either. Something drastically changed my mind, and even I didn’t know what exactly it was. Maybe it was this sort of fear that had always been inside of me, that Wolfram and Hart wasn’t going to be just Angel and Spike’s problem anymore. That this was going to end up being everyone’s problem, but sooner or later, we were going to have to face it. And they were the ones that were facing it wrong. I knew that Giles knew what I was doing when I was being cryptic about it. He could read me like one of his favorite books.

The truth was, I needed to do this because I knew what it was doing to Angel and Spike. I wasn’t one to just let them get swallowed up, especially not those two. When it came to them, it didn’t matter how far away I was, or how different our lives were; I couldn’t let them fight something alone, and with minimal chance of survival. Thinking about that was what played the biggest part in my buying of a plane ticket to Los Angeles. All that was still left was me convincing Giles that I wasn’t going insane and that I wasn’t possessed. Of course, asking him for some slayers to aide me was going to be completely out of the question. I didn’t know what to expect over there when I got off the plane. I never came face to face with Wolfram and Hart, although I knew that they were very powerful. I had to be ready to fight.

There was only one thing that was standing between me and the gate to the plane… and that was Giles. You’d think it’d be easy, but I’d rather fight anything but Giles’ words. Especially since they were mildly convincing. I looked at him in the eye, and looked down at my small bag and smiled.

“See, Giles? Small bag. I’m not moving there, just making sure they handle everything the right way. That they don’t get off track…and that a lot of people don’t get killed.”

He knew what that meant.

“I’ll be home before you know it. Now, I don’t want to miss this flight, it cost a pretty penny.”

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