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A flight, a rental and carnage.

I had been out of the loop a little bit. Giles obviously knew more then me, and Andrew did as well. I had studied hard, and it was especially hard for me because more then an hour in a book and my mind turned into a dribbling ooze, but I had done so, anyway. Giles and the new Council paid really well, and where else would I want to be? I had spent the last eight years fighting evil with Buffy, had lost an eye, dated some demons and there was nothing else for me. Living in England had been quite the adjustment, and let me just say, the food, hideous...but it was quite the adjustment. I had been in Rio with Willow and Kennedy. Kennedy and Willow worked alone there for a while. Kennedy was the only slayer working alone, well, with the exception of Buffy and Faith, and I had come back to London, getting used to these flights with my new glass eye. My responsibilties were to research for all of the slayers in the western hemisphere. Willow was the only watcher who worked with her slayer and thats because special circumstances had to be made for the two of them were together. Now, they were in Munich. All of the newbies worked in twosomes, because we didn't have the watchers to travel with each slayer. Certainly, it was safer having slayers all over the world, but believe you me, I had been slightly more then tempted to act upon my feelings for Naomi, who was seventeen, and beautiful, but even if I did, Giles wouldn't let me travel with her like he let Willow travel with Kennedy. The way that it worked, was that every new slayer traveled in twosomes. We had over forty slayers now. Andrew was the contact for the far east, Giles was in charge of it all, but also was the main watcher for Europe, Willow and Kennedy worked together, but also traveled to all parts of the world, where Willow made a lot of reports and I, well I was in charge of Canada, Jamaica, the rest of the islands, Central America and the States.

Giles pulled me into the office, telling me about what had happened in Los Angeles with Angel and Spike and that lawfirm and then told me about Faith and before her, Bufy going over there. The mainstay of the Council was that we had Buffy and Faith. They could go anywhere, they could act as Council, or as slayers and they were the best, obviously. But this time, they pissed Giles off and even though I tended to be a buffer between they and Giles, I was pissed off at them, now. Los Angeles was my area, so when Giles told me it was my duty to go there and report, I didn't take it with a hole lot of surprise. Not only that, but with Buffy there and with Faith there, I was eager to go and was gone before Giles could give me oodles of instructions. I was getting so used to making reservations, that it was like old hat at this point, and the long flights didn't bother me anymore, BUT THIS ONE DID. It was always Angel. Always, and Buffy and Faith were in danger because Angel and Spike had done something stupid.

I landed and got a rental car, a nice one, a hummer, because from what Giles had told me, there was a lot of carnage and demons on the loose and as much as I wanted to kill them all, I knew that there were too many of them and that most of Angel's team had been killed by them.

I had directions to the lawfirm and to Angel's hotel and I drove the strets. I had the windows down and could here screams in the distance. Faintly, there were human screams, but for the most part, it was that disgusting, barbaricy demon scream. The lawfirm was dust and on the street, I had to avoid dead bodies and demons on the ground. There were police everywhere, but the carnage was mostly human the further I moved, and as I drove past the Hyperion, that's where the most carnage was, but it didn't stop. I was tempted to go inside, but I didn't and kept driving, noticing dead humans on the street that i was on and on adjacent streets and it made my blood curdle. I passed more cranage, fires, heard human screams and cries, police sirens and then, came across a pack of demons, and the definite visages of Faith and Spike, about to take on a bunch of them. To help them, without stopping and being seen, I drove over a few of the demons circling back to them and turned a corner to park.

I had to report to Giles and when I called, he was on the phone with Buffy. I gave him the lay of the situation and wondered what he was going to do next. Whatever it was, I wasn't leaving and I hoped that more slayers would be forthcoming. This was he worst thing that I had ever seen.
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