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A conversation with Buffy.

I had issues all over the world to deal with. I had slayers in six continents fighting demons and I had to apprised of every situation because, unfortunately, at the moment, we didn't have the watchers needed to guide all of the slayers. Being the head of the Watcher's Council, I had to be sure to train enough watchers over the coming years to make this easy. Buffy and Faith were my prime slayers, of course, and they could travel and act in a watcher capacity if needed, but unfortunately, it wasn't that way now, for Buffy and Faith had decided to go to Los Angeles, against my advice, to help Angel in his ill-conceived and utterly reckless task of taking over Wolfram and Hart. Something had happened, no doubt precipitated by Angel, and the city was now in a state of armageddon, demons on the loose, killing Angel's team, save Angel and Spike, and now, others had to deal with the situation.

This was obviously my top priority, now, especially with Faith and Buffy there. There were slayers, working in twosomes, all over the globe. Cleveland had two. The major city's of Europe, always vampiric hotbeds, now had two slayers. Austrailia, had two. Hong Kong had two. Shanghai had two. Tokyo had two. Rio had two. Sao Paolo had two. None of them had watchers with them, as we hadn't trained anyone not named Andrew, Willow or Xander to be a watcher. Xander had something else that he was doing right now, anyway, a little assignment for me, close to the most needed war zone, where I had, against my will, my two best slayers. Xander had gone to Los Angeles, strictly in a report to me capacity.

As the phone rang, I saw that it was from the Hyperion hotel in Los Angeles, which was the very hotel still owned by Angel. Xander had yet to report to me, as he was on his way there, so I didn't know the full spectrum of events that had transpired in the heat of the Los Angeles, but I knew that at least, she was okay, unless of course, it was Angel or Spike who were phoning me, with bad news.

Somehow, I didn't believe that Angel or Spike would call me with any type of report. I was relieved to know that it was Buffy calling, or possibly Faith, and that the two of them, at least for now, were okay. I had no idea of exactly what I was going to do in the near future. I did have several slayers here in London that could fly out to Claifornia. Xander's report would mean a lot. Xander's report, more so then Buffy or Faith's, if it ws one of them on the phone, would maneuver me to the frame of mind that I needed to be in, would prompt me to take a form of action. Things in Los Angeles and probably spreading beyond Los Angeles, were certainly dire, and as much as I disliked the resons for what had transpired there, and as much as I blamed Angel and his haste for all of this, I simply could not sit back while Buffy and Faith were in danger, and while innocent persons lives were put in immediate peril.

I picked up the phone. "Hello," I answered, obviously hopeful that it was Buffy on the other end of the line.

[Buffy and Angel in the background]
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