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It's times like these you learn to live again...

I wish I had something that I could say to make them stay, but the fact that Spike and Faith were the two people that would be the last to listen to me, and that they were together was an impossible task. I couldn't stand up to them because I was holding Angel up. I couldn't really say anything, because this really wasn't my town. Normally, I would, I would say something and I would make it so there were better decisions being made, but I couldn't. I felt like I couldn't say anything, I felt helpless in stopping them.

"I don't think that the two of you should be going off to fight all of those demons alone. I mean, Spike, you saw them. There are too many. Maybe you can call Giles, Faith? Maybe you guys can convince Giles to send in more slayers? This is a slayer type of problem. I would fight them right now if I could, but we all know that I can't. Buffy's not going to leave me alone like this and I only think it's safe if the four of us fight them...."

They didn't even stay long enough to argue, because they knew that they didn't have to. I saw Faith pick up the sword that she brought in here, and give a smile as she proudly walked out the door. Both of them. I got pissed. It was something that Faith would do. She needed to listen and take other things into consideration. She needed to see that there were more than the two of them could handle, especially since they were both at a weaker state.

"Faith, Spike, would you wait-"

The door slammed, and I knew that was Faiths extra touch.

"I don't like this, Buffy."

I was worried now. I wasn't going to leave Angel here alone, to try and convince two of the most stubborn people to come back. It was a lost cause. I looked down, and listened to Angel. Hearing the pain and anxiety in his voice even made me more worried, and more angry, and more helpless. I was still soaked, my neck hurt, and I was getting a headache from it all. When Giles told me that this might happen, I believed him, but I didn't want to. I thought about it all on the plane ride there, and how whatever it was that went wrong with the city, we'd defeat it.

I expected it to be this bad, but I wasn't ready for it.

"They can't go out there alone. Spike and Faith are both weaker, they don't know how many demons are out there, and they can't just walk out and think that the two of them can defeat them all. Did they not see the alleyway?"

I sighed. I didn't need to bring up the alleyway, especially since Angel was sitting here, blaming himself for everything. I wish that I could take that back, and avoid talking about the fact that all of his friends were dead, but I couldn't, and I realized that when I saw a second of his own regret. I had to look away. When I did, I saw the hotel for the first time, and how incredible it was. The place was huge, but it looked like no one had lived there for a very long while. It made sense, because they all set up shop in Wolfram and Hart, and I had heard from Giles and other people that they had a lot nicer places, and cars that came with taking over.

For some reason, as there was silence, I thought about when I was fighting Caleb, and when Angel saved my life. This was somewhat similar... and yet so incredibly different at the same time. I brought myself to look at Angel again, and started up.. again.

"I'm sorry. It's just that.."

This was when it finally hit me.

"Faith should know better right now. She should know that this is it. We're all this city has right now. We can't risk losing any of us, because the city needs us. The people out there would be better off if we went out as a team, rather than divided. Especially right now."

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