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Back into the fight.

"I don't think that the two of you should be going off to fight all of those demons alone. I mean, Spike, you saw them. There are too many. Maybe you can call Giles, Faith?" I looked at Buffy too. "Maybe you guys can convince Giles to send in more slayers? This is a slayer type of problem. I would fight them right now if I could, but we all know that I can't. Buffy's not going to leave me alone like this and I only think it's safe if the four of us fight them...."

Seeing Buffy hold him down and protect him like a little sodding cub was the only extra motivation that I bloody well needed. Wasn't like I was gonna listen to Angel, anyway. Listened to him occassionally, when it involved the others, when it involved Fred or Wes or Gunn or Lorne, but wasn't in to taking orders from Angel, and even though I felt a little battered, knew that I was strong with Buffy's blood in me, and wanted to get out of there.

When Angel said that, looked at Faith, cocked my head to the side, and gave her the shall we look, and tired not to look back at Angel in Buffy's arms as we walked out of the hotel. Faith smelled appetizing, and I was concerned about her fighting, having just gave Angel her blood, but she seemed ready, physically and definitely was emotionally. Bird was so much like me when it came to the fighting, that it was almost scary, and did relish the idea of getting into tussles with that horde of beasties with her at my side.

Still, did look back, and Buffy cradled Angel as he looked at me leave and then looked in her eyes. Was hard to take, after that night in that stranger's bed, and after she told me that she sodding loved me when I had burned up and turned to flames for her and the world, but was obvious and maybe I was sodding overreating, but I didn't think so; Buffy would never hold me back from going to fight. If that were me, she would be going off to fight the demons with Angel.

Realized that I wasn't being very cozy with Faith, and though it was tough, I focused on her. Could tell that she was immersed in thought, though it was hard to tell what it was about. Maybe she was thinking about the Buffy triangle with me and Hair Gel? Maybe she was thinking about Buffy and the Immortal and somebody else? God, I thought, had to stop thinking about Buffy. Was going to get me killed for sure. Maybe Faith was thinking about how she had just given her blood to Angel? Was a sexual experience in it's own way. Maybe Buffy wasn't the only one that had the crushies for Captain Forehead?

Then, it occurred to me, well two things did, first thing was, as we headed south, where the demons had been going, spotting the occassional dead human along the way, that filled me with guilt, that she not only had Angel's bitemarks on her wrist, but that Angel's imprint was also on her neck. Stared for a second as she looked at me, like she wanted to hit me for looking. Stopped staring and decided not to bring up the bitemarks on her neck for the moment, and decided to ask her the other question that I wanted to.

"So, how's Principal Wood? Does he still hate me in a try to kill me sort of sodding way, or is he over that now?"

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