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Fuckin' Feelings.

The whole damn ride in the plane was gettin’ kinda annoyin’. All I could think of was B goin’ there and finding out what I had already known. Findin’ out that she needed to fight like hell to survive the hell mouth that was openin’ up. She went to save the vamps and Wes from some bad decisions, and she was walkin’ right into a hell mouth. I was worried about Angel too. I didn’t know the part he played in this hell mouth, but I sure as fuck wasn’ gonna turn my back on him. He never did for me.

God damn these laws of not letting’ us smoke on a plane. Hard as hell to fly an’ not smoke even a drag. I was up to the end of my nerves. Even a cross look from some random person was gonna’ land them on the other side of the plane. I was glad that nerd boy was givin’ me the 401. I didn’t know if he did it because he was a ‘friend’ or because of the fear he had if he didn’t tell me. God dammit, if I was gonna’ be too late, then I would not have been a happy slayer.

When the plane landed, I hitched a ride with some random guy. I wasn’t gonna spend the money if I didn’t have to. Besides….I really didn’t like drivin’ that much. I have a pretty bad case of road rage…and I couldn’t forget that last time I was here, I broke out of jail. Puttin’ my name down for a rental would have been the stupidest idea ever. Not that it mattered considerin’ the reason that I was here in the first place. Lookin’ for a fugitive would have been the last thing that those pigs would be worried about.

The airport was crowded, the sky was pitch black, and I had some trucker redneck dude drivin’ me around. Pretty close to fuckin’ rock bottom if ya ask me. The redneck guy (I didn’t care about his name.) said that he would only take me to the end of the block toward Wolfram and Hart. He was headin home, and didn’t want to go down that road. He had heard some pretty crazy things happenin’ there. I just huffed, and kept lookin’ out the window. I was lookin for a sign of anythin‘, but there wasn’t anythin’ around. It was pretty odd considerin’ this was a downtown area. I hopped out of the car when the truck stopped, and din’t even bother to say thanks. He drove away, and at that point I didn’t care until I saw that the entire buildin’ was down. I hadn’t even been to the big W&H but, I knew that this was the place. The sign was still up. The buildin’ though was a different story. I stood there pretty amazed and wondered where B was. I wondered when the buildin’ fell, cause if it fell recently, then she might have been in it with everyon’ else that I came here for.

I wasn’ doin much help standin’ at the foot of all the rubble. All I could hope for was that they were at the hotel. It was the only place I could look before callin Giles, and bitchin’ the hell out of him. I was never one to like feelings, but the one I was feeling felt almost like the one I had when I had lost Wood. Thinkin’ about losing the people that gave me a chance was pissin’ me off, and givin’ me adrenaline that made me want to kill somethin’… but there was no one around. I could only hope that the Hyperion was where they all were.

It wasn’t that far to run, as I thought it was. Almost got lost, cause it had been a while since I’d known where to go in LA. Finally I made it to the road to the Hyperion. There was a fuckload of action goin’ on down the street. I saw an abandoned car in the middle of the road with the door opened. It was rainin’ pellets outside, so hard that it was almost impossible to see five feet ahead of me. I made it to the alleyway, which had cleared out, but fuckin’ obvious there was a fight goin on. I squinted my eyes, and saw a lot of death, I walked down it, and looked around. Demons everywhere, weapons everywhere. I picked up a sword, covered in blood. Demon blood, lots of it. I looked around, and saw…a human. I walked over to him, and turned him around. Gunn, Angel’s bud. Reminded me even more why I was here. I didn’t want to see that anymore. I’d seen death, hell I’d killed before… I liked the dude. Gunn was a street boy, he’d been loyal, and I was pretty sure he’d been loyal to the end. I couldn’ stand there anymore. I had to find the rest of the crew, either dead, or still fightin’ whatever it was they were fightin’ for. I had a feelin’ that that B had to be here somewhere…and Angel wouldn’t leave Gunn…not like this, so that meant that the rest of the crew had to be here too.

I walked to the door of the Hyperion, watchin’ the demons have their way with the street for a second down the road. I was gonna come back for them. I opened the door, and got myself out of the rain, lookin’ inside. I looked around, with the sword in my hand, pissed, and feelin’ all other kinds of emotions.

“B? Angel? Where the fuck are you?”

I only hoped that a demon would come and try somethin’ with me. Fuckers were gonna die, all of em’ were gonna die.

((B’, Spike, Angel))
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