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So, that's how you fly......Too bad I didn't see it.

Bloody entered into all of this because of Angel. Hated being led into something because Angel had some big master plan. Wasn't the way that I liked things to work. Could have been a roving agent by now. Bloody Captain Forehead had offered me as much and I was as good as on my way...you know, somehwere in sodding Europe, preferably near Rome, well, a lot anyway, was on my way, but then big blue had taken over Fred's body, and a bloke couldn't look past that, and I wouldn't look past that, Angel issues aside.

Angel killed Drogan and had been setting all of this up, while the rest of us, while Charlie Boy, Percy, Lorne and myself followed him around, ready to pounce, totally in the bleeding dark. Did I mention that Angel's sodding control freak streak was sodding annoying? Could have just told us his grand plan and I would have been in from the start. In the muck, in the vilence, like we were now, spoke to me. That's where I lived. Hell, had already given my life up, all noble and heroic, and for all the right reasons, and while this wasn't a strong a reason as was helping Buffy, was pretty close.

Throw me into the fire.

Thrown into the fire I was, against the entire Fell brethren, except that I didn't expect them to be such sodding pussy wankers. I couldn't believe, when I was fighting them, little baby in my arms, that these group of demons were a part of the big whel, were part of the bloody machinery that made evil tick around the world. I had fought other vampires then were a lot tougher than these sods were.

Anyway, took me no longer then ten minutes to wipe out all of them, baby in hand, mind you. Wasn't even concerned with the Fell, after a few minutes, because, yeah, knew that they would be pushovers, and had greater battles on my mind on this night. As I left the Fell's lair, I could feel it. Sure as I could feel my own soul, the night screamed bloody death and horrors beyond the pail. Well, beyond the pail for most sods and gits out there, but for me, same couldn't be said. I had excepted death once, and this to me, was no different. Except this time, knew that Angel had said that we weren't going to make it, but didn't believe that one. Bloody demons coming at us were going to be stupid, and probably weren't going to be that many.

Got to the alley near Hair Gel's old hotel and saw Angel. He'd made it, but as of yet, nobody else had. Didn't think too much of it. Knew that I had wiped out the bald baby-worshippers in record time, so thought nothing of it. Didn't like the way that the rain was pissing up my trench coat, but knew that the others would be coming. Sodding had to. We were going to come out victorious in all of this. Angel told me about his little plan for Lindsey. Didn't think it to be a bad move. Might as well kill the ponce who'd been a thorn in your side for years. Told me that Lorne wasn't coming back, too. Didn't mind that either. Lorne never had it out for the fighting, and he would just get killed on this night, assuming that it was as bad as it looked, which I didn't think that it was.

Gunn came up, and could smell his blood before I heard his voice. Angel looked at him relieved for a minute, but then knew that it wasn't good. He asked about Wesley after I had told him that he was supposed to wear his blood on the inside, and as Gunn sat down, we heard a thump and the blue harlot came up and informed us that Wesley was dead. Hit hard. We didn't all make it, and Percy was a casualty. Gunn looked like he was on his last legs and the night hadn't even bloody started yet.

Then they came. They came as grandmom talked about wishing to inflict violence upon as many as possible because she felt grief over Wesley. Didn't know that little shiva had it in her. Told her that there was plenty of that to go around, as the demons came in full bloody force, and there were a lot of them. Was wrong there, but didn't care. The sods were gonna die and in my heart and head would be Buffy as I fought.

Illyria mentioned that Gunn was going to be gone in ten minutes. He said that let's make them count then, and sounded good to me, except for the Gunn or any of us dying part. Looked at Angel and cowboyed bloody up, ready to inflict, ready to be the big bad on wannabe big bads. Angel mentioned going after the dragon. Before that could happen, we were raging against all manner of demons, vamps, haacklar's, and some that I didn't even recognize. Angel and I went to work, and Illyria soon followed suit. Wanted Gunn in the background, and belying my normal style of go after everything, I thought that we could work together and achieve results, but Angel went off, killed a lot of vamps, especially, and then went after the dragon.

Saw him flying through the air, and that just wasn't sodding natural. Had my hands full, though, and while he was gone, Gunn soon followed, and I wanted to get him out of there, but what was left of his blood was drained by a couple of vamps. Illyria lashed out at them, sending them flying and I was alone, covering her. Cahrlie bioy was gone, and I was really sodding pissed off, now. I went the way that I liked to go and started pummeling demons, taking abuse of my own that I ignored, until a sword carved into my side, and sent me down. Could have been the end for me, except that Illyria saved me, and while she did, her head was chopped off. Many demons had gotten by and were going after humans and I was alone. Didn't know where Angel was, because I couldn't look to see without getting sodding staked, or burned.

Ducked a sword coming at my head, grabbed it, whirled around and spun-kicked anything that I could touch, screaming because this was what it was all about. This was where I lived. Put me in the muck, let me roll, and feed me with the knowledge that friends were gone, and things were going to pay. Used the sword and used it effectively, swinging it wildly, and hearing things crunch. Give me the crunch and the smash. Give it to me, and I'm where I'm supposed to be. That's what I got. Heard something, that I assumed was Angel, and as I whirled the sword around again, I was briefly sodding distracted by that.

Felt a mace digging into my skull, and felt my body launched, using the very sword that I had been holding. Didn't feel anything else, though, as I could feel my brain matter virtually freezing and getting wet. Felt a crash, window smashing, and then the floor beneath me, rushing up to grab me. Looked up for a minute, sodding intent on getting back into the war, but then a fog overtook me. Hard.
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