Faith Lehane (5x5demon_killer) wrote in not_fading_away,
Faith Lehane

So hard to swallow

I’d be damned if I was gonna’ sit there an’ listen to Spike when I had my agenda on me. I never needed the vamp before (except to talk to and a cigarette now an’ then) damn well didn’t need him now. Especially since for some reason, he was on a power trip…just because B’ wasn’t with him. Christ, I had forgotten how annoyin’ everythin’ was when B an’ her circle of whatevers were around.

I started off the fightin’ with some kicks to the face, and some choppin’ of nasty heads. I could hear Spike behind me, fightin’ as well, and yellin’… my sword was grabbed when I was focusin’ on what was behind me… which is why I work alone. I was fixin’ to save myself, until mr. Cocky decided that he was gonna’ be the rescuer in this situation. That got me pissed off… but what got me infuriated was the fact that the fucker was gonna try an’ reprimand me when I was a slayer here.

"What in the bloody hell happened to the two of us bloody well working together. You were nearly lunch to a bleeding irrigorite!"

I looked over toward the demons, an’ this was just what I fuckin’ needed to kill them all, then kick the ass of Bleachfuck over here. I held my sword even tighter now, an’ looked at him like I was gonna hit him. I would be plottin’ the death, if I didn’t see the demons comin’ closer.

"Faith, know you fought the uber vamps and all, but these demons are different. They aren't seething with rage. They're more calculating, and if you notice, other's aren't bothering with us, and are trying to increase the bleeding human body count. We can't bloody well save humans if we are say, dead."

“I had it under control, you fuck. I’m not B’, I don’t need you or anyone else here lookin’ after me, and im not gonna die here tonight so why don‘t you just focus on the fuckin‘ demons, and not how I‘m fightin‘.”

I wasn’t yellin’ like I thought I did. In fact, I was calm, which, I think pissed him off more. It wasn’t my intention, but the more I thought about it, the better it made me feel. turned around, an’ got back in the ready position. I wasn’t about to take some pointers from Spike. Even though I could tolerate him more than a lot of things in this life, I wasn’t gonna label him a friend, or nothin’ even close.

I went ahead of him again. I couldn’t tell if I did it because I wanted to spite the fucker, or if it was the adrenaline unconsciously movin’ my body forward. I was goin’ in the fray, with or without bleach.

Suddenly, I saw a SUV ram a few of the demons, but when I looked to see who the brave person was, there were tinted windows. Whatever, I didn’t care, there were still some left for me, an’ that’s what I did care about. I started choppin off some heads with mystery person, and the fucker behind me.

I’m an arrogant bitch, and these things were gonna die knowin’ it.
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